First 10 sight-seeing and travel establishments designated to welcome international tourists in Phu Quoc

On 20 Nov 2021, Phu Quoc welcomes the first international tourist group arriving in Vietnam after nearly two years of the country’s “freezing status” due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Local government also announced a list of 10 places and activities that international travelers can join during their registered packaged tour during this pilot period from November to January.


1. May Rut Trong Island

May Rut island is a pristine small island located in the southwest and is separate from Phu Quoc island, possessing wild beauty, fresh air, and beautiful beaches.

All year round, in May Rut island, you can always enjoy the cooling, comfortable climate, and pleasant weather because trees cover the whole land here. Therefore, you will be completely immersed in nature, the sea, and the sky to forget the chaos of life.

Click to see a beautiful footage of sunset in May Rut Trong island

In May Rut island, it is not difficult to find an ideal beach with smooth white sand stretching in the south of the island. In the north, in the place featuring flat rocks lying close to the coast are the habitats of many sea creatures. The marine ecosystem here is very diverse and abundant, including fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, etc., especially countless sea urchins.
On the shore along the beach, there are shady coconut trees, adding to the pristine beauty of this land. The rows full of coconuts in the middle of the range, not too high, along with the inclined bodies on the beach, are like waving to invite you to pick.
Quick view of the island from the boat here.

sunset at May Rut Trong island Phu Quoc
A couple enjoyed sunset time in May Rut Trong island

2. Hon Thom (Pineapple Island) cable car

Hon Thom Cable Car System honored by the World Guinness as the “World’s longest cable car system”. Cable cars are supposed to carry visitors to the unspoiled realm of Hon Thom, its picturesque beaches, enchanting beach sports…You will have the opportunity to cross the sea in the cable car and see the entire An Thoi archipelago from above.

With a length of 7899.9 m, the cable car will take you from An Thoi Station via Hon Dua, Hon Roi, and then to Hon Thom Station in Phu Quoc. You can shorten your trip from An Thoi to Hon Thom island to just 15 minutes compared to 30 minutes by boat. There are 36 cabins and each of which can carry up to 30 people on a trip. Please note that you’ll need to show the return ticket so don’t forget to keep it.

Address: Bai Dat Do, An Thoi Town, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province
During the pilot period, entrance tickets just can be bought by assigned local agents.

You can  have a look at services of Hon Thom Nature Park here.

You could watch the video to see more about coral species in Phu Quoc Island


3. Phu Quoc seawalker

You can walk on the bottom of the Phu Quoc ocean, experiencing the beauty of Phu Quoc underwater world. As a safe and exciting underwater adventure Seawalker is a unique diving system providing an opportunity to observe the underwater world up to a depth of 15 feet without certification, and without getting your hair wet. You do not even need any previous training or experience or even for you with the first experience in the ocean. You will be accompanied with well trained Seawalker instructors at all times under water. Participants actually walk on the bottom, rather than swim while numerous exotic fish and sea life surround them. You will have about 30 minutes of actual underwater time to a maximum depth of 15 feet. A large, full face window in the Phu Quoc Seawalker helmet offers a close-up view of the amazing creatures from below.

Phu Quoc seawalker options and combo packages to consider here

4. Snorkeling to explore Phu Quoc coral reefs

Phu Quoc Island alone and the surrounding 21 small islands and islets form a tropical archipelago, also a beautiful tropical coral reef, even not located within the Coral Triangle, thank to it’s great diversity of coral species among other coral reefs in Vietnam, Phu Quoc is considered as the most beautiful coral reef in Vietnam. 

The island is home to a vibrant ecosystem that makes diving and snorkeling here one of the most popular tourist activities on the island. Best time to enjoy a snorkeling tour is between November and April.

The best snorkeling spots on Phu Quoc Island can be found in the An Thoi Archipelago off Phu Quoc’s southern tip. The archipelago boasts a wide range of diving with areas containing an abundance of seagrass to gentle sloping coral reefs, diverse sea life, spectacular dive sites made up of house-sized boulders, and much more. 

A genuine snorkeling journey to explore coral reefs in South Phu Quoc

Many tour companies offer snorkeling as part of their tour packages. Most popular small islands people know are: Hon Gam Ghi, Hon Mong Tay, Hon May Rut. 

Meanwhile untouched snorkeling spots for those are enthusiastic in snorkeling and freediving experiences are: 

  • In the Southern Phu Quoc: Half-moon reef, Undersea Coral Mountain, U-Turn
  • In the Northern Phu Quoc: Turtle Island.

Learn more about vivid coral reef species in Phu Quoc here. 


5. Long Beach Pearl (Jewellery shop)

According to ancient belief, pearls are one of the special treasures classified into the “five kings, one queen” offered by nature. Five kings are Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Marble; and one queen is pearl. Different from these five stones, pearls are created from a living creature, deep under the sea. Flawlessly shiny pearls bring it a luxury but not less delicate beauty. It has 3 main colors: white, yellow and black, but each pearl shines in a different light: pure white, the luxurious yellow shade and the mysterious black. Besides the aesthetic value and embellishment of women’s beauty, pearl jewelry also brings feng shui value: luck, love and happiness symbol.

From Phu Quốc island, Long Beach Pearl became the leading pearl jewelry brand in Vietnam and stretched itself to the world.
Address: 124 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province.
You can find elegant designs of Long Beach Pearl Jewellery here


6. Vinpearl golf course 

The Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc is a 18-hole IMG designed facility, part of Vinpearl Complex. The flattish course was chiseled out of 1,000 hectares of old hardwood forests and meandered through streams and across reservoirs. Paspalum grass was used throughout the course and produced excellent playing conditions with average speed greens.

VinPearl-Golf-Phu-Quoc 18 holes

Facilities include small clubhouse and locker room structures fashioned out of local materials and made to blend in with the rural settings. They are both adequate for their purpose as most golfers will be staying at a nearby hotel in any case. A grass driving range and chipping/putting greens are available for golfers to use before their rounds. 

Service is outstanding, caddies are well-trained, and most of the staff speak excellent English to ensure an enjoyable day at Vinpearl Phu Quoc golf.
You can find more details of Vinperal Phu Quoc Goft Course here

7. Corona Casino

Opened in January , Corona Resort and Casino is part of a hospitality boom on Phú Quốc, a 574 square kilometer island shaped like a seahorse, known for pearls and peppercorns, surrounded by clear turquoise water off Vietnam’s west coast.

At Corona’s center, the casino, designed by Paul Steelman, showcases “modern Vietnam” and the beach location. The main floor displays brilliant reds, yellows and oranges representing “the direct sun of Phú Quốc beach,” the Steelman Partners CEO says, to create “a bright, happy space.” Corona was nominated at last May’s G2E Asia Awards in the Best Gaming Floor and Best Regional Integrated Resort categories.

Phu Quoc Corona Casino
Phu Quoc Corona Casino

Corona Casino with hundreds of state-of-the-art card tables and a team of dedicated guidance staff will bring you a great experience.

More about Corona Casino can be found here


8. Vinwonders amusement park

VinWonders Phu Quoc – an area of ​​nearly 50 hectares, consulted and built by world leading partners give you experiences only at VinWonders Phu Quoc such as: the world’s fastest roller coaster today, a show comparable to the world’s leading parks, biggest south-east Asia water park with 2 best slide in Vietnam and huge giant wave wave pool, Aquarium with main tank in the top 5 largest tanks in the world…

With a 6 zone theme, Vinwonders Phu Quoc will bring visitors a very attractive experience: Area Of Strong Feeling – World Of Adventure, Water Park Zone – The World Of Flashing, Central Taipei – Central Europe, Legal Area – The World’s Territory, Viking Area – Secret Village.

You can discuss with your beloved kids about the amusement park with information here

9. Vinpearl Safari

Located in the Long Beach area northwest of Phu Quoc island is the first and only open zoo in Vietnam that was built according to the international safari model. Vinpearl safari animal care and conservation park has 380 hectares of space, 150 animal species, 3,000 individual animals that call the park home, and at least 1,200 botanical species. The park is also divided into two main areas: a wildlife park and an open zoo.

Guests can explore the open zoo area and observe an array of rare species of wild animals from numerous bio-geographic regions including South Africa, Europe, India, and Australia.

Spread over a large area with an abundant plant system, the wildlife park meets the rigorous standards of the Safari model. Each subdivision in the park is a different habitat ensuring that the proper living conditions and standards are met from an animal sustainability and safety standpoint. Visitors get to experience the wildlife park in specialized vehicles while the animals roam free.
In case young member in family are too eager to wait until coming to the safari, some photos of the place can be found here.

10. Grand World in Phu Quoc United Center

Located in the center and spreading on an area of ​​85 hectares, Grand World owns splendid and magnificent architectural constructions; busy and trendy commercial streets; monumental festivals and parties; the bustling entertainment centers of Venice, Shanghai, Night Market, K Street, and Viet Nam. All operate continuously 24 hours a day, and all year, creating a very exciting cycle and full of energy like well-known sleepless cities in the world.

Grand World has all the elements for a memorable family vacation: world’s biggest Teddy Bear museum; fantastic ‘Essence of Vietnam’ cultural show; spectacular multimedia scene performance called “The Elite of Vietnam”; Bamboo Legend one of the largest bamboo works in the world – a unique work combining modern design with materials of Vietnamese identity; boat ride on a charm canal built in the model of Venice (Italy); view ancient Venice Clock Tower; contemplate unique contemporary art works at Urban Park…

Bamboo Legend one of the largest bamboo works in the world
Bamboo Legend one of the largest bamboo works in the world

Grand World is also a place of colorful parties and festivals, with local traditional festivals such as Nghinh Ong (Welcoming Whale) Festival, Nguyen Trung Truc Festival, Boat Race Festival, and also vibrant carnival festivals from Thailand, India, America, Germany, and Mexico…
The Grand World Phu Quoc website is here.

Considering one travel destination that meets the different needs of yourself, group of friends or family members to go after a long period of social distancing? Phu Quoc will be an option that harmonizes all. Or if you want to go right now, Guide to enter Vietnam surely can help or just simply contact us.

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