Island Hopping & Regular Snorkeling

A family at a beach on the island hopping trip with OnBird Phu Quoc

For those who just want to do a simple snorkeling to see some corals as we found that at some of South Phu Quoc coral reefs that “so-called snorkeling” 4 – 5 island tours take guests to are 70% – 80% of dead corals. So if you just want a regular snorkeling without too much care about corals so those such Island Hopping & Snorkeling can meet your needs.

But most of island-hopping tour will take guests to the same crowded places there by we do introduce to you a touristy-avoiding island hopping trip which is like a picnic to South Phu Quoc Islands.

Cons: Low cost

– No professional underwater guide to accompany guests in the water, many tours dispatch even non-swimmers guides to take the tour without proper knowledge about the sea and coral but they are funny and talkative

  • Can not see the most amazing coral spots

Make refference to the Island Hopping & Picnic Trip in Phu Quoc with small-size group

Soft-adventure Snorkeling with Small-group of 8 PAX

Professional guide giving briefing and safety instructions to guests

The tour is designed to focus on snorkeling and exploring alive coral spots which are hidden from massive tourists as well as regular island hopping trip. The tour is for those who keen on explorations. On the trip professional underwater guide will be dispatched to accompany and guide guests in the water but not let guests to explore by themself.

Due to the hard

Advanced Finding Coral Trip