Phu Quoc’s infrastructure has been developed on a large scale concurrently with its economy, gradually giving rise to urban spaces. Vietnam’s first-ever island city which belonging to the Mekong Delta’s Kien Giang province, has a population of over 179,000 people, as of December 2020.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities in Phu Quoc Island is definitely one of the most important conditions in defining how many international tourists will enter Phu Quoc Island “monthly”.

On Phu Quoc Island there are 3 biggest medical facilities:

  1. Phu Quoc General Hospital (Benh Vien Da Khoa Phu Quoc)

It is a public Hospital run by the local government.  The island’s main general hospital is located in Duong Dong town, the administrative centre of Phu Quoc island, Tel: +84 77 3846 074). 

Phu Quoc General Hospital in Duong Dong

Improvements have also been made to the public health facilities on the island.

The Phu Quoc General Hospital in Duong Dong now incorporates the town’s medical clinic and has over 20 departments. The physical buildings and facilities are in need of refurbishment, but the staff are dedicated and experienced. Phu Quoc General Hospital is open to foreigners and local residents. It’s also equipped to deal with most common health concerns. However, for more complicated issues (eg. requiring surgery or full emergency), it is advised to head to the island’s private hospital, Vinmec. As with most hospitals in Vietnam, be prepared to pay cash for your visit, with a large up-front deposit in case of a protracted stay or for expensive procedures (eg. surgery). Expect standards to be lower than in international-standard hospitals.

2. 78 Military – People Hospital or Bệnh Viện Quân Dân Y 78

78 Military – People Hospital Phu Quoc

78 Military – People Hospital is a public Hospital run by the government military.

It’s smaller than Phu Quoc General Hospital and a more limited public hospital.

The hospital is near the town of An Thoi – the southernmost town of Phu Quoc Island., approximately 200 m from the An Thoi market.

3. Vinmec Phu Quoc International Hospital

This is a private Hospital run by Vinmec, a hospital brand of Vingroup and located in North Phu Quoc, in Vinpearl area.

Vinmec hospital phu quoc
Vinmec Phu Quoc International Hospital

The 150-bed Vinmec Phu Quoc International Hospital in Ganh Dau commune has brought modern medical facilities to Phu Quoc that are on par with those available in the US, UK, Germany, Japan and Singapore.

Impressively modern Vinmec Phu Quoc International Hospital boasts a mix of experienced foreign and Vietnamese doctors able to speak Russian, French and English.

Along with state of the art diagnostic equipment, this Vinmec hospital is a real boost to both residents and tourists in Phu Quoc needing high quality medical treatment. Those who decide to discover the pristine and less-touristy parts of Phu Quoc in the North will surely find it satisfied to have an international hospital nearby.

In addition to general practice, Vinmec Phu Quoc International Hospital offers a comprehensive list of specialist services including accident and emergency, resuscitation, gastroenterology, gynecology and obstetrics. The Imaging and Radiology Department is fully equipped with state of the art equipment and, importantly for families, there is a high quality pediatric department. Emergency care for Phu Quoc residents and visitors is available 24/7 and there is also a pharmacy on site.

Honestly, these 3 hospitals might be sufficient or qualified for serious illnesses and not enough doctors and medical staff to treat a large number of Covid-19 patients. Vinmec offers the most expensive services, tourists usually find Vinmec to help them because they could find here English-speaking supporters but only mild diseases, for serious diseases usually taken or transferred to Ho Chi Minh city by airplane.

As the Vietnam government is piloting Phu Quoc Sandbox, thereby the capacity of these hospitals will be strengthened with the mobilization of doctors, medical staff from the central cities along with the addition of special treatment medical machines.

In order to avoid overloading the health system, it is necessary to keep the international number at a level that the health system is able to afford.

Vaccinated rate on the island you should know

So far 35% of people (adults) who are living and working in Phu Quoc Island have been vaccinated. And Phu Quoc is still in need of 250.000 – 300.000 more vaccine shots to reach the mission of at least 90 % of citizens vaccinated this year (not to mention 1 or 2 shots), which is a critical requirement for the Phu Quoc Sandbox pilot. Everything is keeping on its way to reach the goal in the next few months.

We believe with the incoming big load of vaccine flights to Vietnam, the mission is possible right before October 2021.