Official Reopening Plan – Phu Quoc Sandbox Program

Accordingly, Kien Giang Province has officially announced the Reopening plan to International Tourists for Phu Quoc Island.

3 Re-opening phases remain the same as previously proposed (the previously proposed plan): but shortens the Phase 1 to 3 months from 6 months.

Phase 1: Charter Flights only (Phu Quoc, Cam Ranh (Nha Trang), Da Nang (Quang Nam)

Starting from November 20, 2021 to January 2022: to welcome 3000 – 5000 passengers/months though Charter Flights (but not regular international commercial flights) from countries, territories accepted by Vietnam under the Vaccine Passport Program (Check for the list of 72 countries up-to-date)

List of 72 countries and territories temporary accepted by Vietnam under Vaccine Passport program
List of 72 countries and territories temporary accepted by Vietnam under Vaccine Passport program

List of Hotels and Resorts in Phu Quoc for international tourists when visiting to Phu Quoc through “Phu Quoc Sandbox” or “Roam Phu Quoc” program in the Phase 1 of Phu Quoc Sandbox:

Northwest Phu Quoc:

1. Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort with 4 sub-divisions:

  • Vinpearl Discovery Costalland Phu Quoc
  • Vinpearl Discovery Greenhill Phu Quoc
  • Vinpearl Resort Spa Phu Quoc
  • Vinholidays Fiesta  Phu Quoc

2. Corona Resort & Casino Resort Phu Quoc

3. Radisson Blu Resort Phu Quoc

Phase 2: Starting resuming some regular international commercial flights between Phu Quoc and countries, territories accepted by Vietnam under the Vaccine Passport program:

Starting January 2022 to June or Second quarter of 2022, Phu Quoc to expand the travel bubble to other countries, territories under the Vaccine Passport program. International tourists coming to Phu Quoc in this period could travel to some other domestic locations in Vietnam after 7-day stay-cation in Phu Quoc Island such as Da Nang (Hoi An), Nha Trang (Cam Ranh), Quang Ninh (Ha Long Bay )…

For the Phase 2, the list of hotels and resorts for the Phu Quoc Sandbox program will be expanded:

Northwest Phu Quoc:

  • Crown Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay
  • The Shell Resort & Spa Phu Quoc

Southwest Phu Quoc:

Phase 3: Fully reopening border (after evaluating the result of Phase 1 and 2, consider re-opening fully border from the second quarter of 2022)

Charter flights to Phu Quoc Island in pre-covid time:

In pre-covid time, there were charter flights between Phu Quoc and Europe, Russia, Italia…operators by travel agencies such as:

TUI Group and Thomas Cook Group are biggest travel companies that organized charter flights and package tours for Northern Euro travelers.

Neos Airways opened their charter flights from Milano, Italia to Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam from 2018.

Sunmar Coral Travel and Anex are biggest operators in organizing charter flights between Phu Quoc and Russia.

For international tourists, who want to buy Charter Flight tickets to Phu Quoc Island, please contact the above travel agencies or the list of travel agencies will be updated on the website Phu Quoc Sandbox when there is an official announcement.

OnBird Phu Quoc are pleasure to help Foreign Travel Agencies get your Charter Flights to Phu Quoc approved as well as organize, arrange tours accepted by government in Phu Quoc Island under Phu Quoc Sandbox Program

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Please read the notes about Phu Quoc Sandbox Phase below
Please Note that: in the Phase 1 of the sandbox, many tours are limited to International Tourists