Turboprop aircraft charter

A turboprop private plane, powered by a jet turbine and equipped with propellers, typically accommodates five to nine passengers. Compared to piston-engine flights, turbine-powered aircraft can fly at higher altitudes and faster speeds, offering varying degrees of cabin comfort based on their size. Private turboprop charters provide a cost-effective and comfortable travel option for trips lasting between one and two hours.

Within Vietnam destinations: Tan Son Nhat Airport to Phu Quoc Airport: 00h50′

By chartering a turboprop private plane, you can bypass long security lines and drive directly up to the aircraft. For a convenient and personalized travel experience to your preferred destinations, contact us at OnBird Phu Quoc for a turboprop charter.

Turboprops/ Beech King Air 350

The Beech King Air 350 is the largest and most recent of the extremely popular King Air range of all the aircraft. The 350 can seat up to 9 passengers in a very comfortable pressurized cabin, typically in a double club four configuration with the ninth seat opposite the door. This aircraft provides a combination of range and comfort, which would rival some small private jets.